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Since 1952 Abbey Locksmiths, Inc. has been securing the safety of your grandparents and your parents. We will continue to serve the security needs for you and your children,” Len Geffner, Founder.

Abbey Locksmiths, Inc. was founded by Leonard Geffner since 1952. He began his journey into the lock business when he was a young boy working for his grandfather who was a safe man. His grandfather’s passion for safes led Len on a life journey dedicated to security locks.

Upon discharge from the Army Signal Corps., during the Korean War, Len began a position as an apprentice locksmith at an old time locksmith shop. After acquiring the necessary knowledge, he applied for his locksmith license then took a drastic leap to opening his own business, naming it Abbey as a dedication to his grandmother, named Adele.

Throughout Len’s life, he developed a strong passion for lock work and its complexities. He collected exquisite antique locks from various time periods. The accumulation of these memorable pieces has drawn much interest from other lock collectors and museums. Some of these pieces have been on display throughout the world for many years for others to appreciate and see history in front of them.

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