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Educate Yourself 

Educate yourself before having any locksmith work for you:

1. Make sure to specify the locksmith that shows up at your door has a locksmith license before any work is done.


2. Be leery about company phone numbers starting with 917, 646, 347 etc. These are cell phone numbers and they generally do not represent brick and mortar storefront locksmiths. This could mean that you would have absolutely no recourse for poor workmanship and overcharges. If possible, double check and visit the brick and mortar storefront locksmith’s location before having any work done.


3. Be leery of advertising that stipulates dispatch offices as this appears to be another deceptive practice. There generally is no dispatch office at that location. Some addresses posted as dispatch offices are residential buildings, mailbox stores or even non-existent addresses.

Educate Yourself
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